We produce publishing projects, globally.

Our focus is on beautifully written, edited, photographed, illustrated and printed publications that are tangible, lasting and memorable.


Print is pleasurable.

Print allows individuals to not just read a message, but to experience a brand. At their most effective, well-produced and well-designed print products offer lasting value. They transcend basic marketing collateral to create a relationship between your brand and the cultural context around it. With high production values and a positive, tangible storytelling experience, print offers a warm, engaging and pleasurable reading experience —  something which your customers will seek out and hold on to.


Print is effective.

A longer shelf life adds to its durability and cost effectiveness. While on screen, your customer skims and multi-tasks, print demands attention. The Nielsen Company recently studied the effectiveness of pre-roll ads versus branded content, with branded content resulting in 86% brand recall, while the pre-roll resulted in only 65% brand recall. The same study also revealed that with print, you’re in good company. As many as 60 per cent of companies use print magazines as part of their marketing mix.


Print is memorable.

Print has impact. Unlike high-volume, low-quality and fleeting display advertising, print is lasting. Premium publishing offers compelling storytelling, high aesthetic value and allows your customers to take home a physical embodiment of your brand. Print connects you to your audience, wherever they go.



Our work


Smart Workshop publishes Aerostorie — a travel publication celebrating life that goes beyond borders, across a print and digital network. Aerostorie’s upcoming book, How to Build a Life in Melbourne, is available to pre-order, while the team also produces a growing collection of online features as well as The Insight, a weekly email product.


Working from Hong Kong and Melbourne, Smart Workshop is a global editorial and art direction studio producing work beyond borders.

Get in touch and let us produce the perfect printed companion to your brand.